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MORE ABOUT: Perot Museum of Nature and Science – Dallas, Texas

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Building: Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Location: Victory Park – Dallas, Texas
Architect: Morphosis (Thom Mayne)
Architect of Record (Dallas): Good, Fulton and Farrell
Structural Engineer: John Martin & Associates and Datum Engineers.
Preliminary Design Engineer: Buro Happold
Status Dec 2010: Under Construction

(above) Images from site visit, July 2011 – photo credit: Taylor Borchert

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Written by Gregory Brooks

September 27, 2012 at 3:11 pm

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New Museum of Contemporary Art – New York City, New York

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Building: New Museum of Contemporary Art
Location: New York, New York

Design/Construction Team and Product Info

City of New York

Client Representative:
Zubatkin Owner Representation, New York City
Marty Zubatkin, President
Andy Bast

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA
7-A, 2-2-35, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo, 140-0002
Tel: +81.33450.1780

Associate Architect:
Gensler, New York City
Madeline Burke-Vigeland, Principal
William Rice, Project Manager
Karen Pedrazzi, Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA
Kristian Gregerson
John Chow
Will Rohde
Sohee Moon
Christopher Duisberg
Edgar Papazian

Education Center Interiors 5th Floor:
Christoff: Finio Architecture
Martin Finio and Taryn Christoff, Principals




Executive Structural Engineer:
Simpson Gumperts & Heger Inc., New York City
James C. Parker, Principal
Kevin Poulin, Project Engineer
Fillipo Masetti

Structural Engineer:
Guy Nordenson and Associates, New York City
Guy Nordenson, Principal
Brett Schneider, Project Engineer
SAPS – Sasaki and Partners (competition)

Mechanical/Hvac Engineer:
Raymond Quinn, Principal
Camille Allocca


Fire Protection:
Victor Gomez

Electrical Systems:
Elizabeth Perez, Swan Foo

Code Consultant:
Jerome S. Gillman Consulting Architect, P.C.
Jerome Gillman,
Larry Gillman, Orlando Diaz, Jozef Vasko

Facade Consultants:
Simpson Gumperts & Heger Inc., New York City
James C. Parker, Principal
Sean O’Brien

Vertical Engineering:
Jenkins & Huntington, Inc.
Transportation Kevin Huntington, President
Tom Terhaar

Audio/ Visual And I.T. Consultant:
Peter Berry
Raj Patel, Chris Taylor, Adriana Sangeorzan

Security Consultant:
Ducibella Venter & Santore
Philip Santore, Principal
Brian Coulombe

Lighting Consultant:
Tillotson Design
Suzan Tillotson, Principal
David Buyra

Food Facilities Consultant:
Post & Grossbard
Henry Grossbard, Principal
Cody Hicks

Waterproofing/ Roofing Consultant:
Henshell & Buccellato
Justin Henshell
Paul Buccellato

Fire Alarm Consultant:
Acotech Services
Sid Aconsky

Geotechnical Engineer:
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Brian Ladd

Concrete Consultant:
Alan Bouknight

Cost Estimators:
Stuart-Lynn Company, Inc.
Breck Perkins, Principal


Project Management:
Plaza Construction Corporation, New York City
Richard Wood, President
Christopher Mills, John Nowak Sr.

Construction Management:
Sciame, New York City
Frank J. Sciame, Principal

Construction Team: Michael Porcelli, Mark Pankoff, Susan Ospina, Lou Silbert, Kyle Rolf, Anthony Turturro, Rich Bergen, Andrew Sciame, Charles Hsu, Ralph Thompson, Darrin McIntyre, Adam Giusti

Cord Contracting Company. Inc., NY

Structural steel stud framing: Marino Ware

Gypsum sheathing: DensGlass Gold, Georgia Pacific

Waterproofing: Henry Air-Block, Henry Company


Steel structure with concrete slab on composite steel deck. Concrete foundation walls and mat foundation.

Exterior Materials:
Expanded aluminum mesh (anodized) mounted with stainless steel clips on painted extruded aluminum liner panel, Structural stud exterior wall; Glass windows in painted aluminum frames;
Low iron glass storefront with anodized aluminum mullion system; Glass fritted skylights covered with aluminum grating

Interior Finishes:
Public Areas: Polished concrete floors, drywall, metal mesh ceilings

Galleries: Polished concrete floors, drywall, exposed ceilings

Offices: Carpeted floors, drywall, drywall Ceilings

Multi-purpose Room 7th floor: Poured epoxy floor, low iron glass storefront windows wrapping space to terrace, drywall, acoustical plaster Ceiling

Façade Cladding:
Contractor: McGrath Inc., Minneapolis, USA

Expanded aluminum mesh with anodized finish (custom):
Expanded Metal Company, UK

Stainless steel mesh clips (custom): James & Taylor, UK

Mesh and clip engineering / procurement: James & Taylor, UK

Extruded aluminum liner panel (custom): McGrath Inc.

Contractor: Competition Architectural Metals Inc., NY

Aluminum frame windows: Wausau Windows
Glass: Viracon

Contractor: Competition Architectural Metals Inc., NY

Curtain Wall:
Aluminum curtainwall mullion: US Aluminum

Glass: Starphire

Glass door pivot hardware: Rixson

Glass door handles: C.R. Laurence Co.

Loading dock doors (custom): Competition Architectural Metals Inc.

Interior Wall:
Contractor: Cord Contracting Company. Inc., NY

Gypsum board: USG

Stud framing: Marino Ware

Paint: Sherwin Williams

Contractor: Atlantech

Skylight system: Supersky

Glass: Solarban, PPG

Contractor: Dooley Electric, NY

Fluorescent lighting: Bartco Lighting

Gallery busway lighting: LSI

Downlights: Lucifer Lighting Company

Custom Millwork:
Miller Blaker Inc., NY
Lobby, Café
Museum Store


Epoxy Floor 7th Floor:
Tennant Flooring

Glass Tiles: Bathrooms

Acoustical Plaster Ceiling 7th Floor:
Star-Silent, Pyrok

Faucets: Vola

Toilets/urinals: Toto

Doors/Frames: Michbi Doors Inc., NY

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February 6, 2012 at 11:55 pm

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MORE ABOUT: Clifford Still Museum – Denver, Colorado

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Building: Clyfford Still Museum – Denver, Colorado
Location: Denver, Colorado (adjacent to Denver Art Museum)
Architect: Allied Works Architecture
Landscape Design: Reed Hilderbrand Associates
Structural Engineering: KPFF Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Engineering: Arup
Lighting Design: Arup
Project Management: Romani Group Inc.
General Constructor: Saunders Construction Inc.
Cost: $15.5 million
Completion date: November 2011
Gross square feet: 28,5000 sq.ft.
(fact sheet)

Arch Record article (photo source)
Arup article

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January 19, 2012 at 2:14 am

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Sample Case Study – Nowhere, Texas

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August 30, 2010 at 7:22 pm

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MORE ABOUT: New Museum of Contemporary Art

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New Museum of Contemporary Art
235 Bowery
New York, New York

Built: 2005 – 2007
Architects: SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa)
Structural Engineer: Guy Nordenson

The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York is an eight-floor building comprised of a series of irregularly stacked boxes:

(photo by Dean Kaufman)

(web article)

The outside skin of the building is an aluminum mesh mounted on top of smooth white metal panels. The aluminum mesh shimmers in the light, giving the building an unusual sheen when seen from a distance.

Here is a plan of the building and a building section showing how the floors are offset:

The staggered floors creates a challenge for the structural engineer. The final solution is a complex system of inter-laced beams and columns which handle both the gravity-loads as well as the lateral loads. Below are some structural diagrams (structure by office of Guy Nordenson, New York) and a photo of the building under construction.

(web article)

Case study by: Gregory Brooks
ARE 320K, Fall 2010

Other sources (UT Library):
Grima, Joseph, Wong, Karen, and Kaufman, Dean. Shift : SANAA and the New Museum. Basel, Switzerland: Lars Muller Publishers, 2008.

“Museum in New York.” Detail (English ed.) Nov.-Dec. 2008 v.6: 640-644,689.

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February 7, 2010 at 12:18 am

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Audrey Jones Beck Building – Houston, Texas

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Building: Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Audrey Jones Beck Building
Location: Houston, Texas
Architect: Rafael Moneo

Architectural Model

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February 4, 2010 at 4:14 pm

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Image Size samples

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