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Museum in Sabres

Building: Ecomusee de la Grande Lande
Location: Marqueze, France
Architect: Bruno Mader
Structural Engineer: 3B Bet Bois Batut, Montauban




















The entire massing of this French museum, which depicts country living in the 19th century, is covered in locally sourced pine to help it blend into the rural surrounding environment. The pine aslso helps the building adapt to its needs as a museum; the wooden beams filter the light from above creating indirect natural light and the partition walls can be moved to better suit the needs of the exhibitions in the museum. The louvres can be consolidated to let light in in the winter and redirect rays and keep the museum cool in the summer.





















As seen in the vertical section above, the squared pine is secured to the building with steel and covers the glass- wool thermal insulation between the glue laminated pine columns. The partition walls, constucted in wood-stud and the windows can be altered based on varying needs. The pine on the roof is secured with a steel anchor.





This horizontal section shows the heat treated pine siding secured to the timber structure















*All information is the above post was found in Details Magazine Year 2009 Edition 1

Written by Laura Enger

January 26, 2012 at 8:06 pm

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