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MORE ABOUT: SIEEB – Beijing, China

Sino-Italian Ecological and Energy Efficient Building, Tsinghua University

Mario Cucinella Architects (Bologna, Italy)

Favero & Milan Ingegneria (Milan, Italy)
China Architecture Design & Research Group (Beijing, China)


North-South Section View

This steel-framed building, clad in precast panels, solar panels, and shaded glazing, features many innovative techniques of design aimed to capture energy savings and employ energy efficient principles through out its use. (Think Blue)

Structural Assembly Details

As shown in detail above, the primary Roof Assembly is based on a 12 cm precast light-weight concrete form laid on an internal steel frame.  Along with 5 cm insulation, the assembly is topped with 3 cm of stone paving and surrounded by significantly short parapets.

As part of the cantilevered sections of the roof facing southward, several solar panels, held out by steel channels, collect solar energy as they shade the lower bay windows of south facing glazing.

Details of Facades

Various orientations of the exterior facades are shaded by laminated safety glass (vertically fixed and pivoting) to deflect unwanted solar gains.  Behind which, a maintenance walkway has been provided.

The Wall Assembly is clothed in aluminum sheeting outside of 15 cm of rock-wool insulation.  The North face of the building actually holds toughened glass beyond the insulation instead of metal.

The interior of glazed openings are supplemented with roller sun-blinds and a high horizontal aluminum sun-shading strip that acts as a kind of light-shelf.  Each ceiling space is also supplemented with radiant-heating soffit panels.

Floor Plan Details

Site & Floor Plans


The placement and configuration of exterior panels and louvers helps to optimize the use (and refuse) of solar energy around the building.  These seasonal schemes help to promote indirect day-lighting.

The building has also been equipped with many integrated Energy Systems that optimize energy use while also generating sales revenue.
(Source and More Detail of Energy Systems)

(Source: “University Building in Beijing.” DETAIL (2007) No. 6: 638-643. Print.)

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