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More About: Adi Dassler Brand Center-Herzogenaurach, Germany

Herzogenaurach, Germany
querkraft Architekten- Vienna, Austria
Structural Engineer: werkraum- Vienna, Austria

Structure: A former aerodrome on the outskirts of Herzogenaurach became the new Brand Center. It is a combination of both steel and concrete. Its complex roof system is a steel grid while the foundation is concrete.

Wall Assembly:
For the all glass walls of the Center, a steel frame grid was erected and the glass placed on the frame. A layer of black-tinted laminated safety glass, then a hollow cavity, followed by toughened glass was used.

Roof Assembly: The roof assembly is composed of steel girders. All components of the roof were constructed from prefabricated components. The main girders were delivered in several sections and then assembled on site, while the secondary girders were fully prefabricated. The steel roof frame and the glass façade have a special connection discussed in the roof detail section.

Engineering Spotlight:
The roof structure/ façade connection is unique in this building. The all glass walls posed a problem with the steel structure as well as the wind in the area. The sharply angled rigid glass could not withstand the constant movement of the steel frame. The building also needed a way to keep the glass reinforced during gusts or constant winds. The solution was a hydraulic shock absorber coupling system.

The system allows decoupling of the steel roof frame and glass façade during normal movements of the steel. The shock-absorbers are integrated between the roof and façade allowing a maximum of 8 cm movement in the corners of the building.

During peak winds the glass would not be able to withstand, the hydraulic system couples the façade and steel frame to form a rigid connection. This connection allows the wind load to be transferred to the roof instead of the glass itself.

For all other constant wind conditions a study was conducted over the average wind speeds over the last 50 years. Using this data the shock-absorbers could be calibtrated to couple the two structures at a certain wind speed.

Sources: All cresdit to informatin and photos to, “Adi Dassler Brand Center in Herzogenaurach.” DETAIL (2007) No. 5:512-518. Print.

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