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MORE ABOUT: Renovation and Extension of a Modular School in Schulzendorf

Building: Renovation and Extension of a Modular School in Schulzendorf
Architect: Zanderroth Architekten
Project Leaders: Sacha Zander, Christian Roth, and Guido Neubeck
Berlin Assistant: Hanael Fesz
Structural Engineer: Igenieurbüro für Bauwesen

Site Plan:

Floor Plans:


The school has a pre-cast reinforced concrete structure, with timber supports also used two support the new roof on the side additions.

Section View:

The roof or this building contains several rows of skylights spanning the entire roof. The main roof structure is supported by reinforced concrete holding up layers of polystyrene ridged-foam thermal insulation. The exterior of the roof is finished off with a gravel surface. The interior finish of the roof is perforated plasterboard and acoustic tiles supported by a small metal substructure. The skylights on the roof are supported on both sides by large laminated-timber beams. The beams support a sloped double pained and glazed glass skylight. Between each skylight there is a small indintion for drainage purposes.

Section Views of Exterior Wall:


The exterior facade of this building is made up of woven willow reeds. The appearance of the facade looks similar to that of a woven basket. The willow reeds are peeled and covered with a fire-retardant as well as UV-protection. The willow reeds are supported by a steel cage that is connected to the main concrete structure. In between the willow reeds and concrete structure is a layer of vapour-permeable sarking membrane and a layer of rock wool.


(Source: “Renovation and Extension of a Modular School in Schulzendorf  ” DETAIL 1 (2008): 47-51. Print.)

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