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MORE ABOUT: Myzeil Shopping Mall – Frankfurt, Germany

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Myzeil shopping mall

Zeil 106
60313 Frankfurt, Deutschland

direction: View Map
Built: 2002-2009 February
Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas
Structural Engineer:Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering
Materials: glass and steel
Area: 77.000 square meters
function: Retail, Restaurant, fitness, Kids world, health Center, Events

The Myzeil shopping mall is an six-floor building that stands on Frankfurt’s main pedestrian shopping street.The project cost almost 135,000,000 euro.The most stunning element is the enormous carter in the facade on the Zeil, which perfectly symbolizes the emptiness that architecture sometimes create(1).

(Photo by Roel Backaert)

(Orbisnonsuficit- flickr/cc license)

More information: Video

The roof landscape is the architectural highlight which shows the formative conception of a canyon.The roof of the Myzeil shopping mall that is nearly 6000 square meters, collects the rain water which will be cleaned and returned to the water cycle of the house.

(Unknown Photographer)

The negative space of the exterior public realm swirls with 3,200 triangular glass pieces into the heart of the complex, with glass structure folding and flexing according to advantageous views and circulation strategies(2).It passes into the building, brings in the daylight and forms itself finally in the ground floor as a well-lit tunnel.

More Information: (2) (Web Article)

Here is the structural diagram of it:

( Unknown Photographer)

(Martin Bartosch- flickr/cc license)

The Myzeil shopping mall has the longest escalator in the Germany, which circulate people from store to store.For instance,The 45 meter escalator connects the street level to the 4th floor.

(Tom – Switzerland- flickr/cc license)

(Unknown Photographer)

Here are some structural diagram of the building and the floor plan:

Case study by: Noura Memarmakhsous
ARE 320K, Fall 2010

Other sources (UT Library):


(1)New European Architecture A10 issue#27 May/Jun 2009 page#4,5. A10 Na 958.6 A846.

Baumester B6 Jun 2009 page# 39,38,39. Na3B3

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September 15, 2010 at 4:22 pm

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