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MORE ABOUT : Taipei 101 – Taipei, Taiwan

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Taipei 101
8, Sung-Chih Road
Taipei, Taiwan

(Binder 68) (Binder 68)

Groundbreaking: January 1998
Completed: December 2004
Height (architectural): 509.20 m
Height (observation deck): 391.80 m
Total Floor space: 379,033 m2
Site Size: 30,277 m2
Floors: 101
Facade system: curtain wall
Architectural style: oriental revivalism
Secure land development contract through BOT: July 1997
Development and Construction: Taipei Financial Center Corp.
Building Design: C.Y. LEE Partners Architects / Planners
Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti
Construction and Management consultant: Turner International
General Contractors: KTRT (Kumagai Gumi Co Ltd. Taipei Company_leading company [2]

Structural steel megastructure design
Core and outrigger scheme; eleven mega sections; each section eight stories tall [1]
High-strength steel box columns; columns filled with high-strength reinforced concrete
Spine of the building made up of eight megacolumns
Eight centimeter-thick megacolumns; each column filled with 10,000 pounds-per-square-inch reinforced concrete (Binder 64).
Megacolumns go up to the sixty-second story
Building “built upon three hundred eighty concrete piles; 1.5 meters in diameter; sunk eighty meters underground” (Binder 65).

Binder 65

Mega sections are held together by steel outrigger trusses

(Arca 75)

Structural Challenge faced: how to make the building tough enough to withstand typhoons yet soft enough to resist earthquakes

Facade: Area of 120,000 square meters; resists wind loads up to two hundred fifty kilometers per hour; made of pressure-compinsated elements; building comprised of 16,000 identical facade elements; each measures 4.1 m x 1.5 m
Fastest elevators in the world: Ascends 1010 m per minute; Decends at 600 m per minute
Largest tuned mass damper in the world
Diameter 5.5 meters; gross weight 660 metric tons; comprised of 41 layered steel plates; each plate is 12.5 cm thick; plates form a sphere
Mass spherical block suspended from ninety-second floor
Supported by eight cables, 42 cm long, 9 cm wide
Cables attained a Security Parameters Index score around 9
Mass damper cuts building vibrations by forty percent
Building has eight primary hydraulic viscous dampers to maintain stability of damper

Middle: (Binder 82)
Right: (Binder 81)

Energy Management and Control systems (EMCS) enabled
Manages all building functions: fire, life, and safety
Heavy emphasis on minimizing building effect on environment
Power supply, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting; all are monitored for optimization.

Case Study by: Jake Henning
ARE 320K, Fall 2010


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