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MORE ABOUT: Oriental Arts Center – Shanghai, China

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Oriental Art Center
No. 425 Dingxiang Road
Pudong, Shanghai CHINA

Built: 2002 – 2004
Architects: Paul Andreu of architecte paris (main architects: Graciela Torre, Roberta Affatato, Michel Adment, Hervé Langlais)
Project Manager: Felipe Starling
Facade Engineer: Shanghai Yuanda Curtain Wall Engineering Co.,Ltd
Accoustics: M. Vian (CSTB)

Viewed from above, Shanghai Oriental Art Center is just like five blossoming petals, which constitute respectively the five halls, forming a beautiful butterfly orchid in full bloom. (1)

Early Sketch of view from above

State-of-the-art architectural façade technology incorporates laminated glass with a DuPont™ SentryGlas® structural interlayer. (2)

Silicone sealants were used in the development of a complex, laminated glass curtain wall façade for the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center. (3)

Beams arranged in an irregular pattern at varying levels support the structure of the outer facade. The thin supports create a dynamic feel in the interior hallways without disrupting the inflow of light. Functionally and visually, this space links the auditoriums to the outside world. (4)

© Le Niners

Art Center consists of seven levels of the building. Each petal of the flower is its own area dedicated to a specific function including a philharmonic orchestra, a theater, and the chamber music hall, an entrance hall, and an exhibition space. (1). The philharmonic orchestra, theater, and chamber music hall seat 1,953, and 1,020, and 330, respectively. (5,6)

At night, the inner light shine through the outer facade, glowing in the night sky.


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Case Study by Jessica Spencer
ARE 320 Fall 2010

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September 9, 2010 at 9:32 pm

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