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MORE ABOUT : Kulturzentrum – Paris, France

Architect: Jakob + MacFarlane Architects
Location: Paris, France

The Kulturzentrum was originally a concrete structure dating from the early 20th century along the Seine river. A design competition was held to refurbish the building to house a fashion school, exhibition spaces, shops and cafes.

Structure:  Originally the building had a concrete structure.

After Jakob + Macfarlane Architects won the design competition to refurbish it, a walkway was added that wrapped onto the roof of the building to create a roof terrace space. The walkway and roof terrace is a tubular steel structure that rests on the existing concrete structure. 110mm and 168 mm steel tube was used to create the structure. Lateral bracing is placed throughout to give the walkway structural stability.

To protect inhabitants from the weather, the walkway is covered  by a layer of 10mm partially toughened glass and 8 mm toughened glass which is screen-printed to give it a green hue. The glass envelope is bolted directly to the steel structure. The walkway landings, which are also directly supported by the steel structure, are seamlessly integrated into the original floors.

The organic form created, allegedly base on the grid of the old hall, was a beautiful addition to the original building along with the renovations done to the interior of the building.

(“Kulturzentrum in Paris.” Detail (2009): 602-05.)

Written by Grant Mitchell

January 25, 2012 at 8:20 pm

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