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Apartment Mound in Copenhagen – ├śresund, Denmark

Location: ├śresund City – between Copenhagen’s center and its airport
Architects: BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group)
Structural Engineers: Moe & Brodsgaard

The architects for the VM Bjerget project, area labeled as 1 on the site plan below, combined terraced apartments with the main parking garage for the entire apartment complex.

The primary structure of the building is reinforced concrete with timber covering majority of residential facades, while the parking lots are suited in aluminum sheets. The building provides 480 parking spaces, and the south facade is a staircase of terraces providing the residents with a fabulous view of the neighboring city of Tarnby. As shown in the section view below, the parking spaces are positioned directly beneath the residential space and the terrace.

The wall are constructed from 200 mm reinforced concrete at the interior, then 200 mm of insulation, 10 mm fire-resistant board, and 145/22 mm yellow poui boarding on the exterior. The south facade of the apartment rooms are sealed by a double glazing window frame, which provides access to the terrace.

The roof includes numerous levels of material, with artificial turf covering the outermost layer. From there, 100 mm of crushed sand leveling layer, a filter mat, 100 mm extruded polystyrene bituminous sealing, two layers 60-100 mm of foam-glass insulation, and finally 220 mm reinforced concrete are placed in. One roof of an apartment room acts as a terrace space for the floor above, creating a unique ten story staircase of terraces.

All photos and information is credited to Detail Magazine 2009 Edition 2, Pages 148 – 153

Written by Seita Goto

January 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm

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