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MORE ABOUT: Mountain Dwellings – Copenhagen, Denmark

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Mountain Dwellings
Ørestads Boulevard 55, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Size: 33,000 m2



Completed: Summer 2008

Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
Project Architect: Jakob Lange
Project Leader: Finn Nørkjær
Project Manager: Jan Borgstrøm
Construction Manager: Henrick Poulsen
Contributers: Annette Jensen, Dariusz Bojarski, Dennis Rasmussen, Eva Hviid-Nielsen, Henrick Poulsen, Joao Vieira Costa, Jørn Jensen, Karsten V. Vestergaard, Karsten Hammer Hansen, Leon Rost, Louise Steffensen, Malte Rosenquist, Mia Frederiksen, Ole Elkjær-Larsen, Ole Nannberg, Roberto Rosales Salazar, Rong Bin, Sophus Søbye, Søren Lambertsen, Wataru Tanaka
Collaborator: JDS: Moe & Brødsgaard, Freddy Madsen Rådgivende Ingeniører ApS

Engineer: Moe & Brødsgaard
Main Contractor: Høpfner A/S
Cosntruction: DS Eclobyg A/S, PH Montage

Techical Ground System: M.J. Eriksen
Window Company: SA facades
Carpenter: PPE Enterprise
Steel Work: HB-trapper
Roof Construction: Montak
Outer Facade: PPE Enterprise
Internal Carpenter Work in the P-House: KLUG
Technical Services: ENCO
Electrician Contractor: EL-team Fyn
Ventilation: Klimodan
Wooden Work on Terraces: Drewcom
Autorailing: Dansk Auto-værn
Perforated Steel Facade: Nettoperforering
Paint: Svend Aage Sørensen



Outer Facade: 4mm of Reynobond aluminum sanwich-plate
Windows: Jatoba wooden frame in the apartments, wooden/aluminum in commercial
Floor system: Oak wooden floor with floor heating system
Ceilings: Painted concrete
Perforated facade: 3 mm of raw alu-plate
Wood on terrace: IPE hardwood non-treated
Bath: Completed bath units from EJ-badekabiner


8,000 m2 site with a goal of 2/3 parking (parking company had plans for a garage on the site2) and 1/3 living space. In picture 3, high point is 32 m. Total of 80 apartments and 480 parking spots.

“The design also offers more practical, energy-saving advantages: the parking area’s height encourages natural ventilation, and the large southeast-facing windows optimize light and passive solar energy”.2


‘Suburban living in urban density’. Grass is artificial.3

‘Roof garden maintained by watering system’.1 ‘…the planters, which are positioned to block direct views between apartments, collect rainwater to irrigate plants during the drier season’.2


‘North and west facades covered with perforated aluminum plates, the holes forming a reproduction of Mount Everest. At day the image resembles a rough rasterized photo. At night the facade is lit from the inside’1.

For an image of the facade at night, see “VM Bjerget (the Mountain) by Night” by Niels M. Knudsen (N!els) of Flickr


Garage, sloped elevator, and colored corridors to housing.



Concept/construction video

Building’s website (Danish):


1: A + U: architecture and urbanism, 2009 Apr., n.4(463), p.62-71
2: Metropolis, 2008 Dec., v.28, n.5, p.25-26,28
3: Arkitektur DK, 2008 Sept. [i.e., Oct.?], v.52, n.7, p.[50]-[67]
4: Bjarke Ingels Group –
5. JDS Architects –


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September 10, 2010 at 7:25 pm

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